PERSONAL BRANDING - If you can’t be better than your competition just dress better

PERSONAL BRANDING ‘If you can’t be better than your competition just dress better’ Start thinking of yourself as a brand ( ) Employment is a trophy hunting experience that everyone goes through. What do you wish for people to associate with you when they think of your name? Is there a certain subject matter in which you ... Read More »

26th Nov 2016
You Are Missing Out By Not Creating A Personal Website: Disproving The 5 Myths

Have you ever considered having a personal website? You know – a place where people can go to read about who you are, what you do, your goals and aspirations, and of course to contact you. Perhaps you don’t feel you need one and find yourself asking the question, “Why would anyone want to contact me?”; or “How would it really benefit ... Read More »

16th Nov 2016

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