Domain extensions are not just for your website anymore. They represent and provide an online connection for a company or individual, a marketing campaign, a tracking device, a delivery device, and redirection from one to another. Domain extensions can be many things. Have you tried to register a domain name and found that it is not available? Let me rephrase, are you trying to register a .CO.KE/.COM/.NET/ domain and finding they are already registered? Also probably a ton of other extensions, too right?

Do you have a handful of “project” domains you have not used? Maybe it is time to get creative with all of those domains. Over the years, we had the pleasure of playing in the domain market and have seen some pretty clever uses and alternatives when you can’t get the one you want. Remember these are just starting points for ideas.


We have added 38 new TLDs onto the Buy Domain Kenya robust search engine

.actor .airforce .army .attorney .auction .band consulting .dance
.degree .democrat .engineer .family .forsale .futbol .games .gives
.haus .immobilien .kaufen .lawyer .live .market .moda .mortgage
.navy .news .ninja .pub .republican .reviews .rip .rocks
.sale .social .software .studio .vet .video    

Monday, May 13, 2019

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