First off, what’s a domain?

A domain name is, technically speaking, the web address of your website. It is what people type into their browser to access your website. It is unique for every website.

For example, the website of Buy Domain Kenya is, whereas the domain  would be just “”.

Each space after the periods (dots) representing another domain level.

The domain name has to be registered to ensure it is not taken by someone else. Once registered, the domain can, at any given time, be used to load a website onto the World Wide Web (internet) and make an online presence, and/or it can be used as an address for an email account. It will be your unique and personal online presence. It is “space” or “property” bought on the internet. You can't have a website or an email account without a domain.

Once you construct your website, you need to find a website host to make it available on the internet. A website host is a company, like, with large servers and equipment that will house, serve, and maintain the files of a website, at an annual fee. They will ensure that your website is always up and running, updated, and protected. One may at any time switch from one website host company to another to house their website and the same domain (unique web address).  


Now, the benefits of owning your own domain.

  1. Professionalism: having your own web domain name, rather than a co-domain (acting as a guest through another company’s website), gives potential clients the impression that your company is doing well and is professional.
  2. Credibility: branching from the professionalism factor, having your own domain name gives your website and business a sense of credibility; thus online-visitors will feel safer, more comfortable browsing through it and will be more likely to engage in business transactions.
  3. Marketing: having your own domain name (especially if its short, catchy, and easy to pronounce) is in itself a form of advertising your site. People will learn to associate the domain with the name of your business. Owning your own domain also improves your website’s position in the search results of big search engines such as Google, making it more likely to be spotted.
  4. Correspondence: this means tying your email address directly to your business. Ex: [email protected]. This helps maintain the professional edge when communicating with clients.
  5. Low-cost and Easy: making, registering, and maintaining a domain name is easy and quite cheap by all means. And it will ensure that your domain name best fits your business identity and not anyone else’s.






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