Buy Domain Kenya Affiliate Program

Are you an affiliate marketer?

We created the Buy Domain Kenya Affiliate Program so you can earn money for helping us spread the word. It's an easy, risk-free way for you to earn commissions on your referrals, and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

Why Become a Buy Domain Kenya Affiliate?

How It Works

Become An Affiliate

Step by Step Setup

Step 1

Click on the enrolment link :

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Step 2

Create / Register a new account OR Login to your Buy Domain Kenya Account

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Step 3

Your account will be created , do take note of your password as you will need to log back in.

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Step 4

Click on the Affiliate tab on the top menu to reveal the affiliate interface, you will then click in the Activate Affiliate account.

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Step 5

Your Affiliate Unique Link will be generated , this is the link you will share on your emails, social media, whats app groups.

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Step 6

The system will show you how many clicks your link has had and how many conversions made

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Step 7

Keep sharing your referral URL regularly and on many platforms for best performance

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Step 8

Download the artwork on your affiliate profile to use with your affiliate link , this will give your friends 10% off on their initial buy

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Ask for more details on chat

Lets Chat and get more details, only the squeaky wheel gets the grease!