What kinds of domain names are there ?

In Kenya we have the following domain names avaliable for registration specifically for organisations located in Kenya only.
•  domain-name.co.ke – for commercial Kenyan companies
•  doamin-name.ac.ke – for academic Kenyan institutions
•  domain-name.or.ke – for non profit making organizations in Kenya
•  domain-name.ne.ke – for network entities in Kenya
•  domain-name.go.ke – for Government of Kenya entities

There are country specific names such as
Company.co.ke – Kenya
Company.co.uk– United Kingdom
Company.co.ug– Uganda
Company.co.jp – Japan

General domain names are usually found with the suffix dot.com, dot.net, and dot.org.
Company.com – Commercial Entity
Company.net – Network Entitty
Company.org – Non-Profit organisation
These domain names are general and do not communicate what country or region the organization is based.


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